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Pooja Gandhi’s personal life is off limits

2/12/2013 3:03:58 PM

'Controversial Queen' Pooja Gandhi who has been in the eye of controversies has decided to put an end to all that. The first step in this process is that Pooja has decided to keep a low profile and not talk about her personal life.


Pooja Gandhi was recently in the news for her break-up with businessman Anand Gowda. The two had got engaged in November and separated after a month due to various problems. There was news earlier this month that Pooja's father is trying to bring about a patch-up between Anand and Pooja.


When asked about this at the audio release of January 1 Bidugade Pooja maintained that she didn’t want to talk about her personal life and avoided the media saying ‘no personal questions’. Pooja said she wants to concentrate on her career and wants to talk only about films and not her personal life in the future.

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