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Upendra is going to be Brahma

4/1/2013 6:12:49 PM

If things had gone to plan, then Sudeep’s debut film would have been Brahma, not Thayavva. However, the film which was also to star Ambarish was shelved due to various reasons.


 Now Upendra is all set to do the role of Brahma in a new film called Brahma – The Leader. The film will be directed by R Chandru and will be produced by Manjunath Babu. R Chandru was supposed to direct the Telugu version of Charminar with Naga haitanya, but the film has been delayed because the actor is busy with his other films. In the meantime, R Chandru will be directing Upendra in this new venture.


The film will be a bilingual, shot simultaneously in Kannada and Telugu. It is expected to be made on a budget of  Rs 20 crores.


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