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Sadhu plays a hero in Panganama

4/26/2013 12:00:54 PM

It’s not new for Sadhu to play on-screen cop. But in Panganama, he not only plays a policeman but is the hero of the film as well.


In the film, Sadhu plays Sub Inspector Huchchegowda who irritates his seniors with his crazy behaviour. Huchchegowda is transferred to a police station where not a single complaint has been registered in several years. What Sadhu does once he gets there is the essence of this comedy.


Debutante Gururaj is directing the film and also playing a prominent role in the film.  Iti Acharya and Akshatha Rao are the heroines of the film. The film was launched on April 24th at the Rockline Studios in Bangalore.

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