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Radhika's mobile hacker caught within 48 hours!

7/30/2013 10:04:30 AM

The Cyber Police have nabbed hacker Abhishek who had hacked Radhika Pandith's mobile within 48 hours of getting a complaint.

Recently Radhika Pandith had complained to the Cyber Police that her phone number has been hacked and someone is sending messages from the number. After getting the complaint, the Cyber Police has arrested hacker Abhishek and has handed over him to the Subramanyanagar Police in Bangalore.

Abhishek had worked as a spot boy in some serials and films and had got Radhika Pandith's personal number few days back. After that Abhishek is said to have convinced his friend who is working in in a mobile company that Radhika Pandith is his cousin and her mobile is lost. Abhishek got hold of Radhika Pandith's number and has been sending messages to many people from then onwards.
When caught by the Police, Abhishek has disclosed that he indeed had hacked Radhika Pandith's number and has been sending messages through it for fun and nothing else.

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