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Darshan discharged from hospital

8/5/2013 8:14:35 AM

Actor Darshan who was admitted to BGS Global Hospital for neck sprain has been discharged on Saturday afternoon.
Darshan got injured many times during the shooting of his upcoming film 'Brindavana'. However, the actor ignored the injuries and continued shooting. But the pains increased and Darshan was admitted BGS Global Hospital on Friday early morning. After a day and a half in the hospital Darshan was discharged on Saturday afternoon.

Neuro Surgeon Dr N K Venkataramana who diagnosed Darshan said that the actor had sprained his neck and was admitted because of that. After scanning his skull and spinal chord the doctors think everything is normal and Darshan will be back to normalcy soon. However, the doctors have advised a 15 day rest for the actor.

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