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Prem is now 'Stylish Star'

8/12/2013 9:14:18 AM

First he was called 'Nenapirali Prem'. Later he came to be known as 'Lovely Star' Prem. Now director R Chandru has given Prem a new title,'Stylish Star', for his new film Male which was launched recently.

Prem said henceforth he will be called  'Stylish Star' and it was R Chandru who changed the title from 'Lovely Star' to 'Stylish Star'. "I look stylish in this film and I have even shaved my mustache. I look even younger now," says Prem.

The idea of making this film came during the shooting of Charminar, says Prem. "Chandru had written this story long back. He narrated the story to me during the shooting of Charminar. That is when I promised him that I would act in the film, no matter how Charminar fared. Luckily, the film was a hit and ran for 50 days. Now we have started the film. The only change in this film is, Chandru is not directing but has handed over the responsibility of directing the film to his protege Tejus,"adds Prem.

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