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Silk not banned; screening continues

8/12/2013 9:53:31 AM

News of the City Court staying Veena Malik-starrer Silk has turned out to be false and the screening of the film continues without any hassles.

Actor Akshay and producer Venkatappa say it all happened because of a small mis-communication and that the Court has not banned the film, but has stayed the display of posters of the film till September.

Developments began with the Navanirmana Vedike's Bheema Shankar Patil going to Court against the film, saying that the film is vulgar and must be banned. As the Censor Board is the ultimate authority for film certification and as it has given an ‘A’ certificate, the Court only brought a stay on the posters of the film. Bheema Shankar Patil thought  the Court had stopped the film and announced it to the media.

The news was  publicised and almost 10 theatres across Karnataka stopped the screening of the film and even where there were screenings, the collections dropped.

So, to stop further damage producer Venkatappa and actor Akshay called for an immediate press conference and said that there is no problem regarding the screening of the film and the screening is going on smoothly.

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