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Ramya takes Oath as LS member today

8/26/2013 3:13:57 PM

Ramya aka Divya Spandana, who won the Lok Sabha by-elections in the Mandya constituency by a thumping majority, takes oath today as LS member. With Lok Sabha elections coming up in 2014, she has her political work cut out for her.


The Vaaranam Aayiram actress had been targeted during the campaigning by political opponents who raised questions about the real identity of her father and her caste. While supporters and other groups came out strongly against such mud-slinging, Ramya had maintained silence. Now, she says, “I did not need to reply to those questions for the people of Mandya have done that on my behalf.”


While it was earlier predicted that Ramya might lose, the death of her foster-father just after she filed her nominations is said to have created a sympathy wave for the actress and helped her win.

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