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'Umesh Reddy' is now 'Khatarnak'

9/25/2013 11:24:07 AM

With the Court ordering a change in the title of Umesh at the last minute, other films with controversial titles have decided to avoid complications and remove the objectionable parts.

Now the team of Umesh Reddy, a new film based on the psychotic killer who raped and killy lonely women in Karnataka, has decided to change the title of the film from Umesh Reddy to Khatarnak.

The media had insisted from day one that the name of the film should be changed as it was sending out the wrong signals. But director Malavalli Saikrishna and producer Ramesh Reddy chose to title the film as Umesh Reddy because it is the USP of the film. But now, with another film titled Umesh and based on the same psychotic killer being delayed because of legal problems, the makers of Umesh Reddy, starring Ravi Kale and Roopika in prominent roles, have decided to change the title. The film has now been named Khatarnak.

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