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Pavan Wodeyar launches Parul Yadav's website

10/21/2013 12:13:10 PM

Director turned actor Pavan Wodeyar, who has given two hit films back to back in the form of Govindaya Namaha and Googly, launched actress Parul Yadav's website last week. It was Pavan who introduced Parul through his debut film Govindaya Namaha and in a gesture of thanks to her mentor, Parul had him launch her website.

Speaking after the launch of her website, “Today the film industry and showbiz has entered the corporate era. Gone are the days when actors were invited for auditions on the basis of photographs. Internet marketing is an essential tool for any celebrity. I am a gadget freak and these online platforms are ideal for a person like me.”

Talking about her new item song in the Ganesh-Amulya starrer Shravani Subramanya, Parul said that she did it only for her mentor, producer Suresh who introduced her in Govindaya Namaha.

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