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Chiru and Vyshali Deepak pair up for 'Ayya 2'

10/23/2013 12:09:53 PM

Director Omprakash rao has finally found a heroine for Chiru in his forthcoming film 'Ayya 2'. This time debutante Vyshali Deepak is teamed up with Chiru for this action flick.

Vyshali Deepak was supposed to make her debut in Omprakash Rao's another film called 'Huchcha 2' which is a remake of Tamil film 'Ram'. Vyshali was supposed to play the female lead opposite Dhananjaya in the film. But the film got delayed due to various reasons and now Vyshali is finally making her debut through 'Ayya 2' soon.

Though the film is named as 'Ayya 2', the film has nothing to do with the super hit 'Ayya', nor is a sequel to the film. While the film had Darshan and Rakshitha in lead roles, this film will have an entire different star cast and technicians except for Omprakash Rao who directed the original film.

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