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If only Bulbul was not so long

5/13/2013 1:38:58 PM

Darshan-starrer Bulbul has plenty going for it, except for its length and somewhat boring screenplay.


Bulbul, directed by MD Sridhar, is a remake of Telugu film Darling, but the director has made several changes to the original screenplay. Though the content of the film is the same, the Kannada screenplay is quite different.


Amarnath (Ambarish) and Vijay (Darshan) are a loving father and son. Vijay is in love with his childhood friend (Cauvery) who is now settled in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Vijay’s college mate, who is also in love with him, proposes to him and is rejected. She makes a suicide attempt and her father, a don, holds Vijay responsible for his daughter’s extreme step. Vijay explains to the don that he is in love with another girl. Does the don let him get away and is his love fulfilled, is the rest of the story.


Bulbul is a family film with plenty of entertainment. The first half of the film goes off smoothly. The second half is lengthy and tends to drag at times. The film rests completely on Darshan’s shoulders and the actor carries it well. He is not only good in the action sequences, but his chemistry with ‘Rebel Star’ Ambarish is also noteworthy.


There are many well-known artistes in the film, but not many have the scope to perform. Debutante Rachita Ram is quite expressive and makes a promising debut. The camera work by A V Krishnakumar and music by Harikrishna work in favour of the film, with Hari delivering three hummable songs.

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