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A disappointing ride

6/24/2013 12:26:16 PM

If not for the goodwill for Shankar Nag and the title Auto Raja, the film starring Ganesh and Bhama would not only have been an ordinary film, it wouldn’t have got a good opening either. Thanks to the name of Shankar Nag, the film managed a good opening. But director Udaya Prakash disappoints with a bad screenplay and a boring narration.
Auto Raja tells the story of Raja (Ganesh), an auto driver who doubles as an RJ in a private FM channel. Raja does not let the world know that he is working as an RJ in the name of RJ Shankar and imitating the legendary Shankarnag. He falls in love with a girl Rani (Bhama) who comes to Bangalore from a village to become an actress. While Raja is in love with Rani, Rani is in love with RJ Shankar. What happens next forms the rest of the film.
The story is very weak and the narration is poor. There are too many characters who have nothing to do in the film. Most of the first half is wasted by these characters. While, the second half falls in place, it is too slow and boring.
Ganesh has been imitating Shankar Nag right from the days when he was a small-time anchor. So, it is a cakewalk for him to play the role. He is good in emotional sequences. Talented actress Bhama is wasted, while Deepika Kamiah looks wooden. The rest of the artistes have nothing to do.
The only highlight of the film are Arjun Janya’s songs. Arjun gives five hummable songs. Manjunath Nayak’s cinematography, particularly in the songs, is rich and a treat to watch.
Auto Raja is a film which is strictly for Shankar Nag’s and Ganesh’s fans.

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