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A snail paced loved story

7/1/2013 1:00:06 PM

Chandra seemingly has everything. Some nice performances, glamour, lilting music and good camera work. But slow narration destroys what could have been a good film.

It tells the the love story of a princess and an ayurvedic doctor. Chandra (Shreya) is a modern day  princess and is in love with a commoner. Though their families have known each other for a very long long time, the two cannot express their feelings to each other or to their families. Meanwhile, Chandra's parents fix her marriage with an NRI (Ganesh Venkataraman). What happens next forms the climax.

Director Roopa Iyer has a simple love story of a princess and a commoner and narrates it in a very simple manner. There are no twists and turns in the film. To make up for this, Roopa has added a lot of glamour and has painted every frame. But the main problem of the film is th snail-paced narration. If Roopa had concentrated a bit on the screenplay, then the film would surely be a winner.

Performance-wise, Shreya and Prem are very good. Shreya and Prem look glamorous and handsome throughout. Vivek entertains the audience with his comedy timing. Ganesh Venkataraman has nothing much to do. Srinath, Vijayakumar, Sumithra and others have done their bit.

Technically the film is good. Cameraman Das has painted each and every shot on the screen. The songs are a treat to watch. Songs by Gowtham Srivatsa are melodious. Crazy Minds Sri has edited the film gracefully.

Watch the film if you have huge patience.

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