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Loosegalu: A good story that loses its way

7/29/2013 11:44:27 AM

Three interwoven stories is what Loosegalu is all about. After a long time, a first-time director has tried to make an experimental film. He could easily have pulled it off, but for a poor screenplay.

The film starts off with Bujji (Shriki), who is desperate to make a quick buck, trying to rob a bank. In this process, he kills a girl and escapes in a taxi, taking the driver, Shankra (Akul Balaji), as hostage. At one point of time, the money which Bujji robbed from the bank goes missing. He suspects Shankra as Shankra had once made an attempt to steal the money because he needs money for his mother’s treatment. In the search for the missing money, Bujji and Shankra find out that it is with Kabira (Murali) who has no attachment to it. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The three main characters in the film reflect three different mindsets. While Bujji wants to make money at any cost, Shankra wants to earn it in the right way. Meanwhile, Kabira is averse to money because he feels it brings with it unnecessary problems. Debutant director Arun sketches these characters in an entertaining way. But the main problem of the film is the lengthy and repetitive flashbacks which tell the love stories of the three protagonists. He could instead have focused on the main story and made it more gripping.

Acting wise, it is Shriki who steals the show. Murali and Akul Balaji display annoying mannerisms. Aishwarya Nag has done her bit, but her role is irrelevant to the main plot of the film. Shravya is a talent to watch out for. Technically, Vani Harikrishna’s music and background score deserves a mention.

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