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Silk Sakkath Hot Maga: One for the front benchers

8/5/2013 8:20:44 AM

If one goes to the theatre believing that Silk – Sakkath Hot Maga is a remake of Hindi hit Dirty Picture, then they are sure to be disappointed. The film has nothing to do with either the film nor the late actress Silk Smitha, but is a fictional story of a wannabe actress called Silk.
Silk tells the story of a village belle called Vijayalakshmi (Veena Mallik) dreaming of becoming a big actress in Sandalwood. She comes to Bangalore and falls for a trap and lands up in a brothel being run by Ammanni. There she ends up becoming not only a prostitute but also earns the name of Silk and becomes the most wanted prostitute. She meets a rowdy sheeter called Shivaraj (Akshay) and slowly they not only become friends but also end up getting married. What happens next is the story of the film.
The film definitely has a good story line but ends up being an adult rated entertainer aimed only for the masses. The film has an overdose of skin show and that’s why Veena Mallik has been roped in for the role, because no other actress in Sandalwood would make such a daring attempt. A poor screenplay also hampers the film and the film ends up being boring fare.

Veena Mallik’s much anticipated debut in Kannada is a failure. She is weak in the other sequences apart from the romantic scenes and she has a long way to go as an actress. Apart from Veena, performances by other artistes like Akshay, Sana, Srinivasamurthy and Sadhu Kokila are good. Though Akshay has not got a great role, he has proved that he has matured as an actor through this film. Songs by Jessie Gift are good. Jai Anand’s cinematography is nothing much to boast of.

Director Trishul has announced that Silk – Sakkath Hot Maga is for the family audience. But his film is too hot for the family and is only for the front-benchers.

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