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Victory is a funny winner

8/26/2013 3:00:04 PM

If Sharan’s last film as  hero, Rambo, was a time pass flick with lots of comedy, his latest film, Victory, is much better with an extra dose of laughs.


Victory is a film that entertains completely, even if it’s short on logic. The film starts off with Chandru (Sharan) running in fear from a person known as Mafia. It is revealed in the flashback that Chandru has given supari to Mafia (Ravishankar) to kill him as he doesn't want to live without his wife who has left him. But the day Mafia commits to kill Chandru, Chandru's estranged wife comes back to him. Chandru, obviously, doesn’t want to die and wishes to live happily with his wife. But Mafia has taken the supari, so he’s bent on bumping off Chandru. How Chandru tries to escape Mafia and why the latter is intent on killing him forms the rest of the story.


The highlight of the film is the screenplay by Rambo Srinath. The story is not exactly new in Kannada; Ganeshana Galate which released 18 years ago was on similar lines. While Shashikumar played the protagonist, Silk Smitha acted as the supari killer in that one. But Srinath's screenplay makes Victory novel and very watchable. The twists and turns keep the audience hooked throughout.


Sharan as Chandru has done an excellent job and his timing is perfect. Ravishankar is a comic villain in this film and proves his versatility here. Sadhu Kokila, Tabla Nani, Mitra and others also do a good job and evoke laughter. Heroine Ashmita Sood has a long way to go and makes little impact.


If Srinath's story and screenplay keep you glued to your seats, then Prashanth's dialogues make you fall off with laughter. Prashanth's dialogues and timing work particularly well in the scenes with Mitra and Ravishankar. Arjun Janya's songs are already hits with 'Kaali Quarter Bottlu' being a chart topper. Shekhar Chandru's cinematography is also good.


This is an entertainer for all the family.

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