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Rajani Kantha: Strictly for Vijay fans

3/4/2013 5:04:50 PM

Vijay is back after a gap with his latest venture, Rajani Kantha. The film marks his first appearance in a dual role.


Unlike other double role films, Rajani Kantha is not another lost and found story or a tale of cop versus gangster. Here Vijay plays the role of two brothers, one of whom has a harelip. The two fall for the same girl, Priya (Aindrita Ray). When they learn that fact, both wish to sacrifice their love for the brother.


It's Vijay's show all the way and the actor carries the film entirely on his shoulders. As Rajani, he’s a sober character, while Kantha is all style. Aindrita doesn’t have much to do through the film.


Apart from Vijay's presence there’s not much else to commend in Rajani Kantha. Though the story line is good, a weak screenplay and slow narration hold it back.


There are two good songs by Arjun Janya and a couple of comedy sequences. Other than that, the film has no entertainment value. This is strictly for Vijay fans.

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