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Is Asin going slow with projects because she’s planning to marry?

3/5/2013 7:14:49 PM

The latest buzz in filmi circles down south is that Asin is in love. It is said that the actress is seeing an NRI based in the US.


The South Indian actress, who made it big in Bollywood, has not signed any new projects of late. While some say that this is because she is planning to marry soon, others say she is simply waiting for the right offer.


"Asin may be in love, but she will not tie the knot anytime soon since she wants to do more movies. But she is particular that she should do only roles with substance," say sources.


Meanwhile in a recent interview, the Ghajini actress said, "I feel there is a lot more to me than what Bollywood has seen so far. I find it funny when they say that I’m a lucky mascot and part of the 100-crore club. That does not define me. I got time to sit and introspect when I took this backpacking trip with my school friends in the US. Now that I have the numbers, I want to take up roles where I get to act.”


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