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Charminar is an emotion-packed film

7/2/2013 4:49:15 PM

After two commercial potboilers, director R Chandru is back to what he is famous for. The director after a small gap is back to his favourite genre and that is a love story. R Chandru who made a grand debut through Taj Mahal has got a fresh lease of life through Charminar.


As the title itself suggests the film is about four minars or pillars of a human being. Chandru says that there are four main pillars behind every human being. The first pillar is the parents, followed by friendship, teachers and love. If any of the pillars is not strong, then the human beings face a setback. Likewise, the film tells the story of Mohan and his tryst with the four pillars.


The film revolves around Mohan and Radhe (Prem and Meghana respectively) who are friends from childhood. Mohan who is bad at studies gets inspired by Radhe and studies hard to become a bright student. He is in love with Radhe, but can’t express his feelings for her. He is shattered to hear Radhe say that the only love she wants is her mother’s. What happens next forms the crux of the film.


The highlight of the film is a neat screenplay. There are few characters and the film revolves only around them. It is a bit slow at times, but the last 30 minutes of the film is quite emotional and touches everybody’s heart and makes the film a winner.


It is Prem’s show all the way and the actor has got the role of a life time and Prem has used it to his advantage. He looks mature and carries the role easily. Meghana has not much to do but still manages to engage everybody with her performance. Performances by other artistes like Suresh Mangalore, Rangayana Raghu, and Kumuda are also up to the mark. 


Debutante music director Hari creates an impact in his debut film with songs like ‘Radhe’ and ‘Charminar’. The background score by Gurukiran is also excellent. Cinematography by Chandrashekhar is worth a watch.

Charminar is a love story for the entire family.

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