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Shruthi Haasan in shock after being stalked

11/20/2013 12:43:23 PM

Shruthi Haasan is yet to get over the shock. That’s what her publicist says, while narrating Tuesday's incident, during which the actress-singer-musician had to put on a brave face while dealing with a stalker.

"It was 9 am and the bell rang. Since it was an apartment complex with adequate security, Shruthi was under the impression that it was someone known to her and opened the door."

"But a stranger was standing outside and even as Shruthi was trying to figure out who he was, he attempted to barge in, asking, 'Don’t you know who I am?’."

"Shruthi acted fast and slammed the door on his face. Before she could call someone for help, he escaped from the place. Later, she informed her friends about the incident and described the stranger."

"It was then that her friends and colleagues told her that a person with similar descriptions was found following her at shooting spots and other places for the past few days."

The publicist adds: "Shruthi is thoroughly shocked and has moved to a friend's place. She may file a police complaint soon."

Shruthi's father, the legendary Kamal Haasan, too is said to be shocked about the incident. "He spoke to his daughter over phone and consoled her," sources said.

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