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Kutti Puli loses steam after first half

5/31/2013 6:17:36 PM

Sasikumar is always up to something. If he is not directing a project, he is either donning the lead role or producing it. In Kutti Puli he is back to acting after Sundarapandian in the hope of another successful outing.

The creative film-maker, whose previous film, Sundarapandian, was a commercial success,  dons a similar role in Kutti Puli and seems to carry it off rather well. He has made it a habit to choose rural characters in his films and it is no different here. And like always, it is based on friendship and relationships.

Here, Sasikumar is Kutti Puli, a happy-go-lucky youth, who enjoys all the pleasures of the world, without a care His mother (Saranya) is keen to get him married, so that he doesn't slip into wayward ways.

The hero is someone who doesn't have too much time for romance and marriage. All that changes after he meets Bharathy (Lakshmi Menon) and falls for her. His attitude towards life and love undergo a drastic change. Whether he is allowed to enter wedlock by a group of rivals eternally trying to run him down and spoil his life, forms the rest of the plot.

Sasikumar hogs the limelight and even shines in the comedy segments while Saranya as the caring mother, brings all her experience to the fore. For the heroine, Lakshmi, it is a similar role to the one she played in Sundarapandian but she seems to lack the spark here.

Music by Ghibran of Vaagai Soodava-fame passes muster, while the director Muthaiah, a newcomer, seems to lose the plot after a brisk first half.


2.5 on 5

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