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Thillu Mullu review: An honest attempt to remake a classic

6/17/2013 3:43:34 PM

A remake is possibly a director's biggest test. For young film-maker Badri, it couldn't have gotten bigger as he chose K Balachander's classic Thillu Mullu. Burdened by the expectations and the film's cult status, he has come up with an effort worthy of appreciation.

Comparisons can be odious but the honesty of the new-ag Thillu Mullu stands out.
Having tweaked the story in a subtle manner, the director has come up with a rather entertaining movie that is likely to appeal to the younger generation. He has not deviated much from the original story, making only slight changes to suit the present day trends.

The story goes like this: Pasupathy (Mirchi Shiva) leads a jolly life and is on the lookout for a job, having completed his graduation. His uncle (Ilavarasu) urges him to attend an interview at his friend's (Prakash Raj) office.

Pasupathy learns about his prospective employer's likes and dislikes, and understands that he needs to display a disinterest in cinema and sports. The street-smart hero does manage to impress Prakash Raj and lands the job, in the process making him believe that he is an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga.

If it was a local soccer match in the original that gets the hero into trouble with his boss, it is an IPL game here. Pasupathy lies to his boss that it was his twin brother Ganguly Kandhan (who wears contact lenses) who was at the stadium. The idea is inspired by a dual role played by his actor-friend (Sathyan) in a film.

The boss expresses a desire to meet Pasupathy's brother and mother and wants the sibling (Ganguly Kandhan) to teach karate to his daughter (Isha Talwar). In course of time, Ganguly Kandhan falls for the heroine.

But the good times end for Pasupathy when his boss finds out that he's been taken for a ride. What happens then forms the crux of Thillu Mullu.

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