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Lion on the prowl again!

7/5/2013 6:02:35 PM

Dream merchants usually ride high on the opium called hype and it is a twin-edged weapon. Too much of expectation can make or break a film's prospects, at times. In these days of increased media attention and information dissemination, a product (even a film is considered one) can be found out very quickly. In such a scenario, film-makers need to be doubly sure before they go on a publicity blitzkrieg leading in to the release.

'Singam 2' is one such Kollywood movie that has arrived on the scene after a sustained and drummed-up run-up. And, its protagonist Suriya is no ordinary actor now, he is a star who commands a huge remuneration and has a larger-than-life image too.

The film, a sequel of the hugely successful 'Singam' released a few years ago, doesn't attempt anything outlandish but only seems to be an extension of what the super cop (Duraisingam) achieved in the original.

In fact, it was 'Singam' that catapulted Suriya to a higher level in the popularity stakes and there hasn't been no looking back since. He is more than a bankable star now and his ventures are awaited with great expectations.

Suriya is the pivot around which 'Singam 2' revolves and he nary lets down the viewers in this fast-paced action-entertainer, directed by Hari. Taking off from 'Singam' in which he strode the screen like an 'angry' lion, he is a fiery best in the sequel too and goes around bashing the baddies while uttering punch dialogues, which should please his fans no end.

To start with, he is Duraisingam but not the cop, who terrorised villains in the first part, but a teacher in a school in Mannapad in Tuticorin district. But then, he has been told by the Home Minister to wait for the opportunity to hit back at the bad elements. And, when the time comes he takes over as the DSP of the district and handpicks a few honest officers to help him in his mission to track down drug dealers, which includes Danny (Hollywood actor Danny Sappani).

In between there is a romantic interlude featuring Duraisingam and Hansika in school, but that is all too brief.

How he goes about dismanting the drug mafia and ending their menace is the rest of 'Singam 2'.

Anushka who was the hero's ladylove (Kavya) in the first part, has a reduced role while comedians Vivek and Santhanam get significant parts and do make some impact. Music and songs by Devi Sri Prasad don't measure up and at times tend to hamper the pace.

It is a typical Hari film, which hurtles on at break-neck speed and Suriya's fiery and loud dialogues help keep it going. It would be an understatement to say it is an all-out Suriya show as he sizzles again, as Duraisingam.

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