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Naiyaandi: Only Dhanush makes it work

10/15/2013 2:32:06 PM

Romantic-comedies seem to be the flavour of Kollywood now and film-makers are opting for this genre more often than not. And along comes Naiyaandi from Sargunam, who made a name with Vaagai Soodava.

The presence of national award-winning actor Dhanush was the trump-card for the director. As a performer, Dhanush has come a long way since his Kadhal Kondein days and can be counted upon to deliver. His Bollywood foray apart, it has been a quiet year for Dhanush and his previous release Mariyaan was a letdown in terms of appeal and commercial success. He is the key player in Naiyaandi, and he doesn't disappoint.
Sriman, who has been lying low, also steals the show with his comic act.

The story is simple - it is about the lives of three men (Dhanush and his two brothers) who are dying to get married. Dhanush (Chinna Vaandu) meets and falls in love with Vana Roja (Nazriya). As it happens, the heroine runs away from home on the day of her engagement and seeks refuge in the protagonist's place.

There is a twist when Chinna Vaandu's brothers (Sriman and Sathyan) too eye Nazriya. How he keeps them at bay apart and takes the villain (Vamsi Krishna) out of the picture is the rest of the tale.

Sargunam, who proved his mettle in Vaagai Soodava, has turned to a lighter subject and pilots the weakish storyline pretty well. Music by Ghibran matches the film's mood.

Dhanush hogs most of the limelight and Sriman isn't far behind. Nazriya has made an impression in a full-fledged role.

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