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Vikram, Rana make up after row

2/20/2013 4:41:24 PM

There were some angry comments from Rana Daggubati, the up and coming Telugu star, on the social media, after Vikram was quoted as saying in a recent interview that Rana was not so successful in his Bollywood career.


"Dear Mr Vikram, I see you quote me and my directions in quite a few media interactions of yours recently. It is best if you focus on your career that isn't headed in the right direction with close to 10-odd disasters in your kitty," wrote the young actor on his microblogging page.


He added: "I'm barely 2 and ½ years old as an actor and...You are almost close to 25 years. Stay put on yours as I am on mine :)"


Following this, there was a heated debate on social networking platforms between the supporters of Rana and Vikram. However, the end to the controversy came soon, when Rana himself posted a new message- "Spoke to actor Vikram finally, says it's a misquote from what he actually said. Glad the air is cleared. Apologies to him and his fans for my harsh reaction."

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