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Trisha goes scuba diving

3/20/2013 2:05:26 PM

One of the long-time dreams of Trisha has become a reality. The actress, who is currently on a vacation in the Maldives, has been out scuba diving.


Unable to control her excitement, she wrote on her microblogging page:

'A dream cum true, swam wit different species of fish, octopus, lobsters, prawn, lemon sharks, dolphins,etc..etc.. Scuba-diving..Truly

1 of my most memorable experiences.."


She added: "Indescribable, therapeutic.. so deep, so dark,so silent, d ocean is a world by itself.. A born traveller n a born thrill seeker..tsk..tsk..Time to pump it up n swim wit the Great White Sharks of Africaaaaa...Cumin 2 u soooon."


Trisha is currently shooting for RUM in Telugu and a couple of big films in Kollywood as well.

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