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Anjali’s stepmom, director retaliate, level charges against the missing actress

4/10/2013 12:34:28 PM

A day after Anjali made allegations against her stepmother Bharathi Devi and director Kalanjiyam that they were harassing her and then went missing, Bharathi Devi and Kalanjiyam countered by making their own accusations.


“I am going to sue Anjali for the remarks she had made against me. I did not do any wrong. In fact, it is she who is going on the wrong path,” said Kalanjiiyam.


Bharathi Devi said she was taking good care of Anjali and never used her as a money-making machine. “She is my daughter. How would I harass her?” Bharathi Devi asked.



She added that she had recently scolded Anjali for her ‘bad behaviour’ and this had irked the actress. “This has prompted her to make false charges against me,” Bharathi Devi said.

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